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Chuck gliders?


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Alright, so Im 14 and am in boy scouts. I am working with my dad to teach the Aviation merit badge. For this we need to build a plane/glider. I was wondering if anyone could point me to some kind of design or something with plans. For budget reasons it needs to be half a sheet of foam board or less. Since no one else has built anything that flies it needs to be REALLY simple (aka profile glider with no curved cuts). I am not afraid to design anything but was wondering if anyone knew of any cool designs to model after to make a good little glider. I will be cutting templates out of poster board and I will instruct them on building. Im pretty good at building and flying (Ive built and flown at least 30 of my own designs successfully) but the Scouts need something REALLY simple.



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Thanks Crafty Dan for the reply, I have already looked into the tiny trainer and I have built my own but i was looking for something to build in an hour with people who have never forged a plane from foam.


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I'm not sure why you're looking further when you've got something in mind you like.

If she flies nice, why not build some templates, trace and cut the parts and away you go :)


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I would like to find another design though. I think the other scouts would be more interested if they had 2 possibly 3 choices.