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    Aerial Video for Golf Course

    I took and edited this video over the past couple weeks and it is finally completed. It is my first video done for a business. The video is of my local golf course and was filmed using a Cinetank Mk2 and a Tarot 2 axis gimbal. Please enjoy the video!!
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    Golf Course Aerial Video - Cinetank Gimbal FPV

    I spent a few hours taking video and editing it for a promotional video for a local golf course. Check out the video, hope you enjoy it. The video is taken with a Cinetank Mk 2 quadcopter, and a tarot 2 axis gimbal with a Gopro hero 4. Thanks.
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    In Depth Review - Flying Cinema Cinetank Mk II

    I decided to make a review of my favourite quadcopter so far, the Cinetank Mk II from Flying Cinema. This quad is very agile, tough and fast. Here is a written condensed review: Highlights of frame - vibration dampeners WITH safety stoppers - big enough to carry gimbal easily - 7 to 9 minutes...
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    More Tarot Gimbal Testing and Raw Video

    I got out the other night and did some more work with the gimbal, as well as shot a quick video without it. The gimbal is a Tarot 2D gimbal, and I am flying it on a Cinetank Mk II quadcopter. Thanks for watching!
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    Learning some new tricks ---- Almost Dark - FPV

    I managed to get out flying again after a couple weeks of wind and rain. The bugs are now very bad (thus the short flight on top of the cliff), however I did manage to practice some different dives. Also some low flight in this video. Check it out. :)
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    Tarot 2 axis Gimbal Testing

    Here is my first video using the Tarot 2D gimbal. This is mounted horizontally on the front of my Cinetank Mk2. The gimbal is working pretty well so far and really smooths out the video. I am running a seperate FPV camera (Fatshark 600TVL) so I can still see the quadcopter tilting, which means I...
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    Close call with a seagull - Cinetank FPV

    So a passing seagull almost ran into my flying cinetank mk2 quadcopter, luckily it missed, so I followed it for a while. It was a very interesting flight.
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    Best Way to Film Deer - Cinetank MK2

    I had the opportunity to take some aerial video of some deer in the field. The deer didn't seem too concerned by the quadcopter itself and only walked away after a few passes. The Cinetank is flying well and seems very stable. Enjoy the video!
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    Good 400 to 500 size quadcopters?

    I am looking into buying a 400 or 500 size quadcopter to be used for some sport flying, as well as some aerial photography. So far I have looked at the Xugong Pro, QAV400, as well as the Cinetank Mk2. Is there any other good frames in this size bracket (400 to 500)? I would like to have the...