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In Depth Review - Flying Cinema Cinetank Mk II

I decided to make a review of my favourite quadcopter so far, the Cinetank Mk II from Flying Cinema. This quad is very agile, tough and fast. Here is a written condensed review:

Highlights of frame
- vibration dampeners WITH safety stoppers
- big enough to carry gimbal easily
- 7 to 9 minutes of flying per battery
- very tough "dirty" section
- Can accept 9 inch props
- many flight controller choices
- American company with great customer service (and American made)

Cons of frame
- slightly heavier then a QAV400 (but worth it for the strength)
- fairly expensive, but worth it

And here is my longer video review and overview:

Some of my other videos with the Cinetank:

Bottom Line ---- I would DEFINITLY reccomend this frame to someone looking for a fast and agile FPV ship. It is very fun to fly and takes some good smooth video.

Check out my channel, Island RC for more videos. Link below: