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  1. Hayduke27

    Cold Weather Flying/Snow Flying

    Hi everyone! With winter upon us, I was curious about using electric RC planes in the cold. This will be my first winter flying them, and I figured there must be some precautions and pointers that some more experienced pilots would know. A couple of questions come to mind: 1.) First off, the...
  2. Hayduke27

    New guy in the mountains

    Hi everyone! I live in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I am a pilot but have only recently gotten into RC flying. I grew up watching the local guys fly, but never had the funds to get into the hobby back then. I love all the new electric stuff, and Flite Test has a really cool thing going...
  3. C

    A segment on flying in the cold.

    You could explain the effect that cold has on lipos, and discuss some methods for keeping the batteries (and hands) safe from the cold. And also maybe talk a little bit about skis and floats for snow. I'm hoping that you guys do a review of the durafly p-47 that you showed a teaser pic of in the...
  4. Klonas

    Flying in...Winter?

    Noone can stop an RC pilot. Not even winter...Right? So it's getting cold out here in Lithuania and i was flying with my friend today and i noticed that my plane sort of... lacks power.... That's not usually the case because my plane is well powered and takes off like a rocket :D So I've heard...