New guy in the mountains


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Hi everyone!

I live in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I am a pilot but have only recently gotten into RC flying. I grew up watching the local guys fly, but never had the funds to get into the hobby back then. I love all the new electric stuff, and Flite Test has a really cool thing going with the foam builds. I built the Scout and am just finishing the Storch. I have a full sized Guinea on the way as well now :D

I am likely going to be spending a lot of time winter flying up here. I know that the thick cold air will be good for performance in terms of flight surfaces and control response, but I am definitely wary that the extreme cold may be hard on the operation of the electronics and battery. Does anybody have experience/advice for flying in really cold conditions?

Also, I live at 8,000ft, and as such have been putting the bigger motors on my builds to compensate for the thin air. So far, I've had no trouble getting planes aloft (just a little trouble getting them down in one piece on occasion! :p ). Does anybody here fly at high elevations? I have recently been watching David's videos on taking RC planes to space. He is going over 10x higher than my planes ever make it, so I know that higher can be done. I am considering taking a plane up to the top of a mountain for a little flying at some point. It just seems like a fun idea, so long as I can deal with any wind sheer and thermals!

Anyway, this was mainly just an intro and a hello! Have fun out there people! :cool:


Welcome to the Forum. The idea of flying at the top of the mountain sounds great but be sure to hold on. If you need a Sherpa let me know.
I am sure there will be others who have experience of flying at higher altitudes and they will have more input on that side.
I look forward to reading your reports on those flights.
Enjoy this wonderful hobby.


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Hello and WELCOME to the forums Hayduke27~

I just wanted to say welcome to the wonderful FT forum Family!! This truly is such a unique and awesome place to share and enjoy this great hobby! I wish I had some experience in ELEVATED FLIGHT, but I unfortunately do not, since we live in OHIO! haha Oh well, maybe some day!

Hope you have many successes and enjoyable flights in the future good sir!!