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  1. K

    Everything Red - FPV Setup

    Hi All, I have recently put together my first FPV setup and my first impression was that everything looks extremely red, when I point the camera to the sky everything looks blue but anything else and its red. When it gets dark it looks like the camera goes black and white, this looks clearer...
  2. Rockonmyfriend

    Water Resistant FT-3D and ideas on coloring the new water resistant foam.

    I've been planning on picking up a FT-3D to be an inexpensive and durable 3D plane for me to tear up the sky with. I'm probably going to wait on buying the speed build kit until y'all offer it with the new foam so that it'll last much longer and hang on my wall proudly. I'm also wondering if...
  3. F

    FT Plans lot

    Hey scratch builders! I have 11 sets of color plans printed on a 42" HP500 plotter for sale. Sold as a lot. $35 plus shipping. Shipping will be UPS. Plans will ship in a large tube. I'll get a quote for shipping or you can. Source zip code is 01760 the tube measures 3 x 41 weighs 5.5lbs List...