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  1. Captain

    Raphael Pirker - Thorn in the side of the FAA, Ruining their 2014.

    Couldn't find a place for this on the forum, but thought It may be an interesting read for some and a topic for discussion! Raphael Pirker, Commercial drone pilot who was fined $10,000 for undertaking a 'reckless' flight using a foam unmanned aircraft (I would call it a drone but I'm not fond...
  2. G

    Flitetest in danger because of new FAA rules!!!!!

    Beyond banning fpv goggles this new interpretation of the rules (june 2014) by the FAA effectively bans ALL commercial flying of model aircraft, such as team flying demonstrations from factory reps and I would assume by the language in the rulemaking you folks at Flitetest who produce videos...
  3. StoneKap

    FPV Goes Mainstream - Hobby King TV AD on SCI

    Has anyone seen the new Hobby King TV ad on the Science channel? It's only only playing in the US markets. Here's a link for the international viewers...