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Flitetest in danger because of new FAA rules!!!!!

Beyond banning fpv goggles this new interpretation of the rules (june 2014) by the FAA effectively bans ALL commercial flying of model aircraft, such as team flying demonstrations from factory reps and I would assume by the language in the rulemaking you folks at Flitetest who produce videos about flying model aircraft for a living.

Flying and building model aircraft and flying fpv has become a way of life for me, partially because of you guys at Flitetest. You helped make it financially and technically possible for many people to get into this hobby.

I know the AMA has publically come out against the new FAA rules. I think Flitetest should also.

We need to get the word out that the individual citizens can comment on the Federal Docket for these rules and can make a difference in how the final version is written and implemented.

I have included a link to a good discussion of what the FAA proposed, it talks about how you can comment in the Federal Register.


Please, please, please help save our hobby!
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Horrible Timing

It is not possible to conceive of a worse time for the Flite Test crew to be out of the Country than right now. The FAA ruling truly does have the potential to darken the light that is Flite Test. There is not a better platform than Flite Test to be calling on their followers to register their objection to FAA's regulatory power grab. And time is of the essence. The sooner the call goes out the greater the response will be and the more likely FAA will understand the how great the objection to their action is among the population. If nothing else we need Chad to get on the air and make the call.


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The FT Crew is already back in the states and are discussing things with professionals, I guess. They are experienced enough to not jump onto something without knowing the details and all the impacts it might have - especially on their business.

I'm sure there will be a statement sooner than later.


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It's not just FliteTest, it's an entire industry that is at threat. What I think is needed, and what I think is going to happen, is that most of the companies, magazines, and other eloquent persons in the field are getting together to craft a unified voice for the comment period. This won't be over soon, and I don't know what to expect when the smoke clears. If you are going to submit comment to the FAA, Please, please, please, make it without offering any concessions, read it over and over again..edit it until it cannot be edited again, then read it again.


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One thing I would suggest is the formation of AMA-ILA. That would be the model aviation equivilant of NRA-ILA. That's NRAs Institute for Legislative Action. ILA is the lobying wing of the organization. We haven't needed that in our hobby - until now. If we don't organize a strong unified voice for our hobby NOW we will not have a hobby.

If our foamies mounted with board cameras and a pair of fatshark goggles can beat the militery-industrial complex's tens of millions of dollars per unit hardware at their own game, then they have a multibillion dollar reason to legislate us out of buisness. If we let them.

Let's not let them.

Note: Appologies for any typo's. My tablet doesn't spell too good...