conscendo s

  1. sumone

    My Conscendo s and j3 cub videos

    Hey. I'm new to rc and have only been flying a few months but thought i would share a couple of my videos. (location is Deception Bay Queensland Australia) Here is a kaiser baas camera zip tied to my conscendo s glider More cub. Here is me flying my glider and cub. More cub.
  2. W

    My First Flight Ever (Conscendo S)

    Just flew my maiden flight this morning before work. The weather was perfect with a clear sky and only a slight breeze when the wind was moving at all. The only thing that could have been better was I had to launch in to the low morning sun. In a bout of stupidity I opted to go ahead and rip...
  3. C

    Horizon Hobby Conscendo S Review The Concendo Z is a parkflyer (59" wingspan)...