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My First Flight Ever (Conscendo S)

Just flew my maiden flight this morning before work. The weather was perfect with a clear sky and only a slight breeze when the wind was moving at all. The only thing that could have been better was I had to launch in to the low morning sun.

In a bout of stupidity I opted to go ahead and rip the Spektrum SAFE receiver out and replace it with a TR624 because I couldn't resist using my sweet Tactic TTX650. On the first toss I noticed my ailerons had ended up reversed in the course of me fiddling with the programming but I managed to put it down gently. After I got that sorted out it was a totally uneventful little cruise around in a circle for a few minutes. I got brave once and flipped it in to high rates for a sloppy little roll but even that was manageable on the Conscendo. The thing glides absolutely forever with ground effect and landings were surprisingly easy-going. My high rates were the manual-recommended 100% and my low rates were 70% with 50% expo. I might slap the Spektrum AR636a back in to play with SAFE and AS3X just to say I did but I didn't feel the need for it at all. The conscendo was super stable and only needed a couple of clicks of trimming down on the elevator to keep it totally flat at half throttle. I got in to some pretty severe roll angles in turns before I figured out how to not bang the sticks around and it didn't do anything weird.

I was only at about half throttle for the entire flight but I noticed the little E-flite 1300mah 20c 2s was pretty warm when I landed. Dunno if that's normal for these types of LiPo batteries or if I need to get something with a little higher output just to minimize stress on the battery.

I never realized I was living at a perfect airfield.
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Biplane Guy
You WILL be impressed with as3x. Especially for a beginner pilot, the as3x helps so much by taking a significant part of the weather out of the picture.