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Horizon Hobby Conscendo S Review


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The Concendo Z is a parkflyer (59" wingspan) sized motor glider from Horizon Hobby. The plane is powered by a 2S 1300mAh battery shared with the Delta Ray. Also shared with the Delta Ray is HH's patented SAFE stability system. Like the Delta Ray and the Sport Cub S the Conscendo has a Beginner Mode, Intermediate and Expert Modes. The plane comes with a 16A ESC with an EC3 plug and an adapter to fit the EC2 plugged battery. It is a equipped with a park 370 motor and a standalone SAFE enabled RX. The components, including the servos (the plane is 4 channel) are all quality. At the current price of $129 (117 with a 10% off coupon code which can be found with a google search) this plane is a steal. $27 more than a UMX radian for this hardware can't be beaten.

In the air the Conscendo flies as well or better than expected. Most of my launches were in Beginner mode because if I have a safety I am going to use it to protect my investment. Once i was sure that the plane was dialed in a launch in expert mode was no more dramatic. Expert mode may require a little down elevator to keep the plane for climbing too steeply on full throttle but that is nothing unusual.

On the maiden switching from beginner to expert mode was low drama. There was no change in attitude of the plane. I did take the time to thoroughly trim the plane mechanically before the first flight. Even on a 2S battery the plane rises smartly and loops easily. Inverted flight does take some elevator. This isn't a hotliner but the power is much more than adequate.

My second flight had the plane flying in 15mph winds with 25mph gusts. In beginner mode the plane gained altitude like it was being hoisted skyward. There was almost no forward movement, the plane just rose. In beginner mode it was hard to put the nose down and gain any forward speed but the plane flew great in expert mode.

After flying the my plane Notreallyme quickly bought one of his own. His maiden was on the high wind day and we had flying in the otherwise challenging conditions. Today, a calm day, Airhawk flew my plane and seemed to really enjoy it (hopefully he and NRM add their own impressions).

With a large field this plane could be a "teach yourself" plane. It is a great plane with which to buddy box someone new to the hobby. For those of us that have been flying a while, it is a must have at this price.

Today I did `10 min of aggressive flying after letting Airhawk fly for 5min or so. When I landed the battery was above 3.9V per cell. I flew another 20min with under 4min of throttle and the battery was still over 3.7V at rest. I am not a glider pilot so I see this as on the low side of the capabilities of the plane. Stock batteries are expensive but HH has great Kinexsis batteries for $10. The plane does glide 4-ev-er on landing so make sure you give some room. I don't think I have ever seen a better value in a new plane. Get one.


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Notreallyme and I had the Consendos out this morning. I am a glider novice but I quickly caught a thermal. We were both soon pushing the legal barrier and had to come dive down several times. I finally dove out the lift. At that point I had 9:30 of flight time with 19s of throttle. Notreallyme stayed up longer on the same amount of throttle.

At the current price I would question anyone not getting this plane.

I would like to respond to a few things I have read from others on this plane.

1. It is fast: Fast is a relative term. Compared to a UMX Radian this plane is fast but for anyone used to flying F pack or C pack planes this isn't a fast. I know when I first got my Delta Ray I thought it was fast so I understand how this can be fast to someone moving up from 1s planes but this is not a hot, nor even a warm-liner. It is a reasonably powered, sporty glider.

2. There is a huge leap from beginner to experienced mode: Again this is relative. My first launch was in beginner mode but I could feel little difference switching into expert mode (I never use intermediate). The plane will drop on steeply banked turns but it is a very forgiving. I don't see how anyone that could keep a Storch or even Tiny Trainer in the air wouldn't be able to fly this in expert mode.

What does surprise me that that I find myself thermal hunting in beginner mode. Notreallyme does the same thing. It keeps itself so level and movement in so fluid that it is easy. I don't have to worry about my pitch control when the plane is getting down range and getting smaller. SAFE seems very efficient. When I want to come down I do find that I have to switch to expert mode to get the nose down.


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Anyone try 3s on the conscendo yet

I flew in a small park today for t he first time. The plane looks brilliant cruising in and doing low, tight circles in the small-ish open area to burn off altitude.

Has anyone put
Hi. I've been fettling a used Conscendo S. I've swapped the ESC (because the battery connector had been changed), and got everything bound and working.


...except the motor.

I wonder if I have to choose Acro rather than Sailplane in my DX6, as it doesn't seem to have an active throttle channel as it stands.

Any other suggestions? Yes, I have checked in all modes, and tried my spare motor off the ESC. Still no joy. :(

Have also checked I haven't programmed a throttle cut function (I haven't).

The next issue is likely to be how do I programme the I Switch for Panic Mode?

Finally, it's an unusual size of battery - is there a viable cheaper alternative to the e-flite offering?



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I have found that many times I select anything but acro on my DX I get unexpected results. It seems that acro always works better for some reason. Trying it out is easy enough. I have an Adagio I set up with acro and like it. I don't know enough about my radio to know when to select otherwise.
Is there any scratch build model or plans that flies similarly or has similar flight time or characteristics? I would get the Conscendo but I'm more of a scratch builder and I have a bunch of spare electronics laying around.


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Is there any scratch build model or plans that flies similarly or has similar flight time or characteristics? I would get the Conscendo but I'm more of a scratch builder and I have a bunch of spare electronics laying around.
FT Simple Soarer? I'm currently attempting to build a glider that will be similar.