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control horn

  1. M

    Control horn/linkage stopper question

    For those that use them both, do you drill out the holes in the control horns so that the linkage stopper can rotate freely? Or do you just push them threw and put the nut on and tighten them down? I've done both. Seems like if you don't drill the FT provided ones out a bit they cause some...
  2. M

    UK Scratch Build

    Hi, Recently introduced to flite test by my little bro and I've gotta say, its flipping amazing. Dead keen on getting started on a scratch build but since I'm in the UK i'm having trouble sourcing some of the parts. I can get hold of some of the foam board the team use in the videos but the...
  3. B

    Control horns height.

    The only dumb questions are the ones not asked. What is the height of your control horns. Simple enough but I'm always wondering if I build them too high or too low...
  4. J

    Ultra micro corsair control horns

    I have a parkzone ultra micro corsair. It flys great but to fly inverted it takes a whole lot of down elevator I was wondering if I adjusted the control horns from the factory preset position for more throw? If it wouldn't take as much down elevator or would give elevator to much throw? New to...