Ultra micro corsair control horns


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I have a parkzone ultra micro corsair. It flys great but to fly inverted it takes a whole lot of down elevator I was wondering if I adjusted the control horns from the factory preset position for more throw? If it wouldn't take as much down elevator or would give elevator to much throw? New to flying and and loving it! thanks for any advice:D


It will still need the same amount of elevator surface movement, but less movement on the TX stick. It will definitely make the plane more pitch sensitive, but whether its too much or not is entirely a matter of your opinion and flying ability! Give it a try and see if you are comfortable with it.


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As your skills progress you may wish to adjust to add more throw.
At this point (your skills are improving and you are finding what you are comfortable with) it becomes a matter or personal preference.
If you are able do an inverted loop you probably don't need more throw

If you find the plane too twitchy you will probably want to back it down (less throw).

If you find that the plane snap rolls when you give it up elevator you will most likely want to back it back down (less throw).

Another thing to check is to make sure the plane is not too nose heavy.
It won't want to fly inverted as easily if it's nose heavy.
Inverted flight would be easier to maintain if the CG is fairly neutral.