1. J

    T Frame Pentacopter

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on a capstone project and we are trying to do a copter design with 4 Motors in the front and one motor in the rear. We are using Pixhawk as our flight controller and in Ardupilot we have set the copter up as a "Y tricopter" with the front four motors...
  2. S

    Extra motors, multiengine projects

    The motors on my pumpkincopter are the 2212 1000kv orange cheapies, for now. As I look to upgrade the motors on my XJ470 in the future, the more powerful Multistar cans from that will probably end up on my electrohub (again, pumpkincopter) quad. I really don't want to have all those motors...
  3. jaskoller

    Wire Type

    I used the typical stranded wire to wire one of my tricopters just like everyone else when I built it. This was my first tri. I'm now going back and cleaning up the build and I have a wire question for anyone with an opinion. I bought some of the appliance wire that is very stiff and bendable...
  4. R

    make objects flyable

    take an object like a sculpture and make it fly this would be part sculpture part plane and or copter . Why stick to only copters and planes in there original configuration why not make a sculpture fly . The flying box is the beginning to this idea why not add copter components and make an...
  5. A

    Artistic use of quad-copters.

    Thought you guys might find this interesting:
  6. T

    Making it rain ... blue light

    Anyone have an idea what I will be doing with these for my next project? ... ... If you saw the NEAT Fair episode with the Kraken night flight these will be familiar.
  7. H

    HexTronik 24g 1300kv Motor Questions

    Hi all; long time lurker, first time poster here :cool: Watching the FliteTest channel on YouTube got me really interested in Quadcopters, to the point where I'm now looking into building one for myself. I'm putting together a parts list loosely based on the build articles and parts...
  8. A

    Pizza delivery drone / copter

    Fancy making pizza delivery copters? You know the real reason why they won't do this in America, because you've got too many guns! Lots of people trying to shoot down some free...
  9. jamiedco

    Tachyon Micro HD Helmet Camera

    hello all i am in the process of ordering all the parts for my new quad copter im planning on getting the frames cut at . the design based off the quav500 i am planning on running dst-1200 out runners from hk 20a skywalker escs kk2.0 or hk kk 1 board hopefully a 9xr when they...