make objects flyable

Remi Love

Junior Member
take an object like a sculpture and make it fly this would be part sculpture part plane and or copter . Why stick to only copters and planes in there original configuration why not make a sculpture fly . The flying box is the beginning to this idea why not add copter components and make an object like a sculpture fly or add circular wings in a fashion that is not with the norm. I am a sculptor who is working on this idea I can do sculpture but i cannot do the plane/ copter part I have a dreamt this idea for a long time put a huge motor or ducted fan in the middle of a tube for lift stretch fabrics over hoops in odd places then mount wings to the structure for lift but in odd places to add lift then add copter motors with blades to odd places to control left right yaw ext and then with some fancy mixing make it fly. The flight part is a mystery to me but the concept I have been kicking around for years. I will take any suggestions this is something to stretch minds with how do you make a garbage barrel fly would be a good start if it were all copter you could just stick fan blades allover it but it has to fly like a winged plane in some way . Another concept i have played with is a copter in the shape of a cube with alternating black and mirror finish panels that once it gets to altitude it spins and flashes in the day light and moves about the sky what tricks you could play on people with this one people would be freaking out UFO's are all over and all it was is a copter tricked out to be a cube.