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Extra motors, multiengine projects

The motors on my pumpkincopter are the 2212 1000kv orange cheapies, for now. As I look to upgrade the motors on my XJ470 in the future, the more powerful Multistar cans from that will probably end up on my electrohub (again, pumpkincopter) quad.

I really don't want to have all those motors sitting around and doing nothing, though... so, I'm wondering if a large-span 4 motor plane could use these. Maybe a modified guinea with longer, almost glider wings... some thin solar panels?
Just the seed of an idea, haven't really developed it beyond this post, as I have the two aforementioned copters sitting on my desk right now.

I want to wait until after the Fall Fest, and the candy/pumpkin drops before I start hacking into ol' Jack O'copter.

I do also have another project, waiting in the wings... an older balsa PT40 with its glow power removed. I have a twin motor setup for that as well. With the fuel tank, glow engine, and a big throttle servo with its mount gone, I have lots of room to play in there, maybe a downward pointing camera for high-res mapping (I have a Sony QX1 that would probably work quite well). The motor mounts would probably be boxed extensions of current wing ribs, and I'd like to run parallel Li-Ion batteries for greater hangtime. No high throttle antics are planned for these multis.

Once I've cleared it of junk, I have a 4'x12' table (built to work on a full sized kitplane), so plenty of room for multiple rc projects. If anyone here has any ideas on how to make these work well, please don't be shy.
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