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  1. KarlBormanAZ

    Help! Elevator/H. Stab repair with CF strips - anyone tried this or similar repair?

    One side of the horizontal stabilizer on my newly built Cruiser (Tigger Twin) folded and the elevator ripped in the middle. No crash prior (or after). Landed with half an elevator and a flapping H. Stab! :) I think there may have been a weak line in the foaboard, or the sheer speed of...
  2. T

    Un-flyable FT Cruiser

    Hi everyone, I already built an FT Explorer and everything went fine, the plane flies great. I tried the FT Cruiser for my second build. A nice looking twin engine, how should I not be tempted :P So, I balanced the plane before maiden flight, using a 2200mAh (260g). Everything seems OK, but the...
  3. Kurt0326

    Naze 32 FT Cruiser

    So here is an idea I have to add a Naze 32 to my FT Cruiser. Hopefully in the future I will be adding my FPV gear, for the ultimate of becoming an Air Bear. But baby steps. First, I am seeking help with the wiring. There is not a lot of help out there on fixed wing Naze 32, not sure why. If you...