1. D

    InPrint 3D Printed Airplanes

    Good day everyone. An introduction to InPrint Airplanes. InPrint is a startup company focussed on developing quality, 3D files for printed aircraft. We also provide fully illustrated and detailed print, assembly, and setup documentation. Go to We originate from the...
  2. M

    Thin walls or Surface mode in Cura?

    Hello everyone. I have been trying to print some wings and a plane cowl I modelled, but I am having a hard time processing them in Cura. If I use the Surface Mode option, I get very nice walls, however, the botom layers are gone. If I try printing using the "thin walls" option instead, then I...
  3. JimCR120

    Ultimaker Cura 3D Printing Software

    I was given a 3D printer, the CR-10 which is also on the forum, as an early Christmas present from my youngest son. It seems he did his homework as the reviews claim it is currently the best at its price. With it came some essential software, the Cura slicer. As I learn about 3D printing I...