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delta wing

  1. ramarao

    Delta plane using low density foam(EPS foam)

    Hi this delta plane build using low density Thermcoal(EPS Foam)with butter paper lamination
  2. SerKwesiVII

    Variable-sweep wing

    Hey I'm Jonathan from Ghana and I've been looking at a lot of aircraft that have a variable sweep wing configuration, a plane that can essentially change it wings from either delta wing to a straight wing during flight. Planes like the Grumman F-14 Tomcat or the Dassault Mirage G. Could you guys...
  3. S

    Material selection

    Which material i can choose to make delta wing?
  4. lenny

    Maiden the flying wing !!!!

    last week Friday, my Buddy flew it like the mono-kote was gonna ripe off but it didn't..lol These planes you guys design are awsume.. I waited almost 2 yrs. to GET HER DONE lol. Here's the utube video for your review.. later, Lenny
  5. R

    Looking for Plans, or original designer

    Looking for plans or build information on these planes, saw then on facebook (RCWorldUSA). They look like screamers. Any info would be great.
  6. C

    DS Wings Dead Simple 24" and 36" scratch-built wings

    Hello Everyone, I have watched Flite Test for a while now and I love it! I scratchbuild and I am always looking for new 'stuff' to build. When I first started building almost 2 years ago, I was focused on parkjets and planes; never giving notice to those "goofy looking wings". After watching...