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DS Wings Dead Simple 24" and 36" scratch-built wings

In terms of fun and capabilities, how do you rate wings?

  • Hate 'em... you mean that thing actually flies?

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  • They are OK, I guess... just not for me.

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  • I think they hold their own, I don't see what all the hype is about.

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  • It's a good platform and fun to fly. I may have one or two lying around...

    Votes: 8 88.9%
  • These things are the greatest! I am the Bubba Gump of wings...

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Hello Everyone,

I have watched Flite Test for a while now and I love it! I scratchbuild and I am always looking for new 'stuff' to build. When I first started building almost 2 years ago, I was focused on parkjets and planes; never giving notice to those "goofy looking wings".

After watching the review of the Tek Sumo and the Bonsai, I started thinking... They are tough, have a HUGE flight envelope in both speed and performance, and they are called "Combat Wings". Really? Combat, as in dogfighting? Actual contact? Several hours spent on YouTube proved to me that these things are for real, and that I was not going to be satisfied untill I build and flew at least one...

So then began the searching. Didn't take long to find 'dead simple wing' on R/CGroups. Forlack did a great job in posting and design of 24" and 36" wings. There are a couple versions and working in any gear you have should be pretty easy.

First Flights:

1. CG is critical! Not only front-to-back but side-to-side balance must be as close as possible. The better the balance, the better it flies. Always better to start out nose heavy and adjust from there. I set my wing on a marble at the cg and go from there.

2. Mind your throws! It does not take much to make a wing react. I run a Turnigy 4x radio (basic, no mix, no computer nothing) and 9 gram servos on my 36". I run my control rods on the second or third hole out from the screw. Any more than that and things get really wild!

Here are a couple vids of my brother flying Dixie, a 36" wing



Here are pics of one of the 24" versions I did. This is based on the plans of the 36" version scaled to 67%.

Galaxy top.jpg Galaxy bottom.jpg Galaxy tail.jpg

This is not a beginner plane. Most everyone considers it an intermediate skill plane. That said, these things fly great, are dead simple and virtually indestructable... I have nosed mine in the ground numerous times and cartwheeled them, and well, you get the idea. I think its a great platform for whatever you want to do from trainer to FPV to combat.

Any build questions and or comments are welcome :)


I like your style, sir.
At a buck a sheet I figure I can live on the edge :). One of the few things from High school that stuck with me over the years was drafting/architecture. So angles and measuring still come easy to me 35 years later. I try to use the basics ALL you guys have taught me and applying them to my visions. I hope like heck I never come up with a perfect flyer since I draw right on the foam board. Exact duplication would be difficult. My "plans" if any usually consist of a doodle sketch on a message pad that looks like a 6 y.o. drew. lol

Calipso your wings look bad ass, crazy nice paint jobs.
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