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discus launch glider

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    Launching my blackjack dlg on a perfect dead calm night.
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    Cheap DLGs

    Hello Fellow Hobbyists, Some of us out there cannot to buy a Discus Launch Glider, I know I can't, but I started scratch building DLGs and it has been great. I was thinking of bringing balsa and foam DLGs, letting people try them, inspire people, and sell them for $25-40. (not sure yet) Is...
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    40$ Receiver Ready DLGs at Flite Fest

    Hey forum members, My friend and I have been bouncing around the idea for cheap receiver ready discus launch gliders with a balsa fuselage and foam/balsa wing. We would sell the planes receiver ready at Flite Fest. Is anyone interested? Not really looking to make a profit, but I don't want to...
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    Dream-Flight Libelle Discus Launch Glider(DLG) Ultimate Unboxing

    Here's some fun video footage of my new Dream-Flight Libelle Glider with a twist of humor mixed in for good measure. I consider this the Un-unboxing video. If you like gliders this one has a well thought out design, is easy to put together and can fly in very light to relatively strong wind...