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Cheap DLGs

Hello Fellow Hobbyists,
Some of us out there cannot to buy a Discus Launch Glider, I know I can't, but I started scratch building DLGs and it has been great. I was thinking of bringing balsa and foam DLGs, letting people try them, inspire people, and sell them for $25-40. (not sure yet) Is anyone interested? I will probably bring 10-20. Just 40 inch 2ch gliders, and they will be receiver ready. Post if interested, I will not ship them, I am really more interested in meeting people.


Ludicrous speed, GO!
That sounds like a great idea! i love discus gliders but the price for most of them is unbelievable. Some cheap rx-ready gliders would be very nice,and could inspire others to try this special area of the hobby. If i make it to flite test i would most likely buy one. :)