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40$ Receiver Ready DLGs at Flite Fest

Hey forum members,
My friend and I have been bouncing around the idea for cheap receiver ready discus launch gliders with a balsa fuselage and foam/balsa wing. We would sell the planes receiver ready at Flite Fest. Is anyone interested? Not really looking to make a profit, but I don't want to make 10 if no one is interested.
I'm interested. Can you give specifications of size and maybe pictures or video? I'll be attending FliteFest 2015. Haven't tried DLG yet, but for $40 it would be an opportunity to give it a try.
Well, thanks so much for showing interest. These are 40 inches now, and I plan to keep them this size for ease of transport. Keep in mind this is prototype 1. It weighs 130 grams, has a 40 inch wingspan, just rudder and elevator for simplicity. For flitefest I plan have more wing reinforcement and take out some dihedral. Currently it is possible to gain over 100 feet of altitude from a throw, but I worry that I could break things without more reinforcement. The total cost may get down as low as 25 dollars, 11 for electronics, 5 for balsa, 1 for boom, 1 for foam, 1 for various other things, and 6 as a cost for assembly and small profit. Assembly is 2-3 hours per glider.
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Test flights have been good, I will try to get a video but weather here is pretty bad. I will bring the DLGs to flitefest, and will let you try it out if you want, I am really just selling them to cover costs, I am more interested in meeting people and helping people get into dlg.


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Kudos to you for the development! I'm not a DLG person at all but I know there are many in this community who are interested. The cost thing is a big hit for many wanting to get started. I suspect that if you were to just bring them you would sell them all. Word will get around.