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    DJI Naza V2 Issues with 1200mm Octo.

    hey folks, i have a 1200mm custom Octo build that i have flown many times before, just recently switched the FC to a DJI Naza V2 from a KK2.1.5 and previously an APM2.8. The DJI, after an hour of checking setup settings and calibrating everything and double checking that everything wrote...
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    DJI NAZA assistant not working on windows FIX!

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum and to the hobbit as well. I just got the naza m lite last week and I was having trouble getting it connected to my windows 10 computer . I looked a lot of places and called DJI and got no results so after a lot of tinkering around on my computer I finally got it...
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    DragonFly Build Video with a DJI Naza w/GPS

    Hey Team Flite Test! First off huge fan. Im new to the multirotor side of the hobby and am really wanting to build Josh's Dragon Fly multirotor for doing some AP work. I would think the community would really benefit from one of your detailed build videos. Also would love to see the set up...