DJI NAZA assistant not working on windows FIX!


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Hi guys I'm new to the forum and to the hobbit as well. I just got the naza m lite last week and I was having trouble getting it connected to my windows 10 computer . I looked a lot of places and called DJI and got no results so after a lot of tinkering around on my computer I finally got it fixed and this is how you do it.

First I had all of the Naza assistant software installed and also already did the steps in the driver setup program. (After you do this the program should work but I was starting the program and would have to press skip and it wouldn't be connected to the mc and in device manager it would just come up as com port 3)

Step two was to get the computer into safe start by starting the computer and when getting to the sign-in screen hold shift and press the power button then select restart. Once you do this a blue screen will come up (if this doesn't work when your logged in go to start then power then hold shift while you press restart)once your on the blue screen select troubleshoot. Go to advanced options then select startup settings and press the restart at the bottom right side of screen.

Step three the computer will restart now you will have a list press 7 to disable driver signature enforcement. Now log in and open device manager and open Ports(com&LPT) plug your naza in and the com port that comes up is your naza mc.

Step four open file explorer then open OS. You want to go to the program files(x86) then open the DJI product folder. Inside will be the DJI Driver file open it and select source 64 and run the DPInst.exe folder. Once it opens select install anyways.

Step five go back to device manager and right click on your naza in the ports section. Click on update driver software then browse my computer. Next you want to click on let me pick from a list of device drivers. Double click on DJI USB Virtual COM that will install.

Step six in device manager under ports the naza should have DJI in the title instead of usb or whatever else. Now you will want to close out of everything, power on your transmitter then power the naza and finally plug it into the computer and open the naza assistant software and it should open and be connected.

If this post helped you link it to others so we can help anyone having this issue thanks Bryan.
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