DragonFly Build Video with a DJI Naza w/GPS


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Hey Team Flite Test! First off huge fan.

Im new to the multirotor side of the hobby and am really wanting to build Josh's Dragon Fly multirotor for doing some AP work. I would think the community would really benefit from one of your detailed build videos. Also would love to see the set up of a DJI Naza w/GPS. I think it would be an amazing platform.

Or if anyone in the FT community could offer some help on this let me know.

Thanks for your time and all you do for this great hobby!



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Hey JumboJett, Welcome to the forum!

There's enough hints for the dragonfly that you can follow a tricopter build and get 90% of the way there . . .

. . . but Naza doesn't support Servo-driven multirotors.

Quad? sure! Hex? yup. Y6? no problem.

Tri? Pent? Not at all.

Sorry, you can't get there from here :(


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mmmm... ok thank for the info @Craftydan. So the Naze 32 board would be a good option? Or do you know of anything that i could use as a flight control board that has GPS that I can integrate? Does the Eagle Tree vector offer that feature?