1. T

    Versacopter drifting

    The issue I'm having is my versacopter is drifting on liftoff. I have to Compensate on the right stick to correct it. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  2. Zoszko

    CC3D - 250 Drifts away

    Hello everyone! I have just built my 250 FPV today, it was quite easy and straigth forward. It came with a CC3D, I have followed the wizzard and configured it. It does fly but I am having problems with it staying in place. Once I give it enough throttle to lift off it will start moving to the...
  3. P

    Tricopter drift issues

    I made myself a Titan tricopter with a vector flight controller. It flies quite fine and steady but with a few issues. It constantly wants to drift to the right and a little forward and trimming does not seem to help. I have recalibrate multiple times as well so kinda at a lost now.
  4. I

    FT Storch & $tree Pluma VS. FPV Drift car

    Mobius taped to the front shock tower on my tt-01 D drift car, chasing my FT Storch and a friends custom $tree Pluma clone. Sorry for the jello and lack of music, Just a quickie vid for viewing consumption.
  5. G

    Strange motor runaway issue with kk2

    I have a strange issue that just cropped up. I have a 450 quad with a kk2.0 board with 1350KV motors that was completely rock solid stable, one of the motors M3 started with bearing issues so I swapped out all the motors with some 900KV motors because I didn't have a replacement 1350KV. I went...
  6. E

    Tuning, Levelling, Balancing - Getting it Airborne (Tricopter)

    Good day friends, I've completed the V2.6HV by David, and its to the point where Im trying to get it airborne. I can hover, somewhat, but so far the drift is far too crazy for me to be able to fly it properly. My most recent sessions resulted in two broken Rotor Bone motor mounts, and a lot of...