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Versacopter drifting


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The issue I'm having is my versacopter is drifting on liftoff. I have to Compensate on the right stick to correct it. Is there anything I can do to fix this?


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Have you tried re-calibrating the Flight controller? It might be slightly off in the knowing what is level department
Which Flight Controller are you using? What electronics set up are you using?


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Hi topher76, welcome to the forum! First make sure in the receiver tab of your flight controller gui (probably cleanflight) that the yaw, roll and pitch have a midpoint as close to 1500 as possible. Values off from 1500 will cause drift. Second, as TexasTeacher says, if you are flying in autolevel/angle mode, make sure you calibrate the accelerometer on a flat, level surface. Try your best, if it is slightly off you can trim the accelerometer. I'm not sure how to do it, but you can probably easily look it up. Finally you may need to tune your PIDs. A low I gain can cause drift. Make sure you try to get it level in acro mode first because adding on autolevel will only add another layer of factors to cause drift.


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Thanks for the replies folks. I'm using a naze32 with the flight pack E, from theFT store. I've recalibrated the accelerometer on initial set up, this old house nothing is level so I'll shim up a coffee table and redo that step. The part about PID trimming I'll have to do so.E research on, I used the values in the versacopter build video Bixler made BTW. So maybe just a few I gain tweeks might help. Oh, I've only flown the copter in stable or horizon mode, not good enough to fly on Air mode (or no aito level) just yet. Any and all options on this issue is greatly appreciated!


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I found the horizon mode drifted for me as well. I am running the same set up. I switched to acro mode and it made a world of difference.

If you listen at the end of the VersaCopter build video Bixler does complain about the PIDs and says they need to be tweaked for Horizon mode.

I managed to do a front flip the other day on purpose and managed to catch it. Then promptly flew it into the ground

So looking forward to FPV

If you need more help i can try to help ya, i am by no measn an expert but i will help all i can. I can send you my Cleanflight info


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Alright, I did the recalibrate of the accelerometer and it seemed to help some. It took more time to level the table than to use cleanflight. But my versacopter still pitches back and to the right. My integral nbers are in the 3's. Should I go ahead and tune them higher? I followed Josh's PID tuning In the video, so I'm not sure if it's not a hardware issue rather than a software glitch.


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From the cleanflight documentation:


What you're looking for is the four ACC trim commands on the right.

Fly, check which direction it pulls, land, DISARM, then use the ACC trim in the directions you moved the stick to hold level. Takeoff, and repeat as necessary.

This is in discrete bumps (like the clicks on your transmitter) so diarm, move the throttle up then to trim roll, bang the stick along roll in the direction you need to move your stick, then center. Multiple bumps will give you multiple "clicks", but trim only one axis at a time. If you try to trim both roll and pitch by going to the corner, the Naze won't understand what you're trying to say.