drone budget

  1. Glen F Mills

    Components to consider When purchasing Drones

    There are a bunch of difficulties when looking to find an appropriate drone, there are numerous components and points that you have to recognize before getting one. Here is the point to purchase a Drone: Design Speed and Rise Battery Life Controllable Territory Camera Replacement Parts...
  2. TacoShako

    The Flying Pickle:A dive into flying vegetables

    For years (An hour maybe) I have toiled,breaking bones (mostly my pride) to ask the most serious and debated question in todays' world: "Can the pickle fly?" Now after my very serious math calculations i am putting forward the idea that YES,yes the pickle can fly. After adding the impossibility...
  3. C

    6" HYPERLITE FLOSS V2 for sale will ship

    Fully built up, needs a new 4in1 esc. Gets around 11 minute fly time having fun not just cruising on a 1300 mah 4s lipo. 7 minutes with a session attached. Close to 20 minutes with a 2200 mah 4s lipo. It's a long range machine for sure! It's flown over the mountains in Wyoming, Colorado, and...
  4. P

    Best drone under $30- begginer,

    I was checking out the jjrc 1000a, but idk. I need this forums knowledge. It doesn't need a camera, and I want to be able to fly it indoors and outdoors at the park.