1. G

    AR8000 with Naze32 rev5 on Versacopter

    Hello Everyone, this is my first post here. I learn a lot from these posts so perhaps now someone can help me. I build the Versacopter 2.0 as it is on FT youtube, got a rec Specktrum AR8000 with sat and Trans DX7 which works ok with any other plane. I put the right pins on the naze, flash the...
  2. JimCR120

    Spektrum DX7 G2

    On a tip from a post in the forum I became aware of a deal on new Spektrum transmitters for under $200. I jumped on it. My new transmitter is here and I thought I would document what I find along the way. First off, the deal was from Force RC. I chatted with Horizon Hobby online and spoke with...
  3. J

    Noob could use help with TinyTrainer set up for DX7 transmitter

    Hello out there in the blue beyond! I'm a noob to RC and the like. I scratch built a Mighty Tiny Trainer and picked up a used transmitter. I had help setting up my Apprentice to the transmitter by a generous veteran. . I now need to set up the DX7 for The Tiny trainer 3 channel and the Tiny...