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AR8000 with Naze32 rev5 on Versacopter


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Hello Everyone, this is my first post here. I learn a lot from these posts so perhaps now someone can help me. I build the Versacopter 2.0 as it is on FT youtube, got a rec Specktrum AR8000 with sat and Trans DX7 which works ok with any other plane. I put the right pins on the naze, flash the firmware to the last version of Cleanflight, I can see everything is working fine, the receiver page show me all the graphics Roll Pitch Yaw and Throttle all moving fine. The motors all react perfectly while in cleanflight so I did the ESC calibration and all was perfect, but... when I tried to use the transmitter to run the motors nothing happened...??? no a single movement!! so my first impression was I did something wrong with the soldering... checked everything with a tester and nothing wrong. In fact I can see all working in cleanflight but once I disconnect or even connected I find no way to run the motors with the DX7. I have no explanation as it works really fine when I plug each motor separately with no Naze in between... so I wonder... what was wrong... is there any adjustment I forgot? I saw dozens of videos and I certain the naze is well wired... but it is not working... Is there any known problem between the AR8000 and the naze32?
Any comment would be appreciate!! Thanks a lot!