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  2. R

    RC Dynam RAF Tiger Moth - Details, Photos & Videos

    Hey Guys, This is my first posting here, and while I won't be on a whole lot, I thought I would share some of my experiences flying the Dynam Tiger Moth with you all. I took it out for its maiden on Saturday, and I'll post the video soon. (Details will be forthcoming) Cheers, William
  3. Maksym

    Dynam Smart Trainer Battery Recommendation

    I just got my first R/C plane recently(Dynam Smart Trainer), and it flies very nice and easy to control. I've been told that the plane wasn't a good choice, but for me it's easy to fly and that's good enough. Anyway with flying aside I would like to ask what extra battery I should buy that...
  4. F

    Just got my first Quadcopter :) Dynam RC 6 Channel Quadcopter

    its a Nitroplanes - Dynam RC 6 Channel Quadcopter Video Link of first flights!... http://youtu.be/4VJCo_qy1lE
  5. Wade's RC Hangar

    Dynam Peaks (Pitts w/ no License) Biplane

    Let me first start off about the airplane and the condition it arrived in. I had zero problems with the quality of the foam used in the construction of this aircraft. There were no flaws or dings and dents either. As for the build, it was pretty straight forward and took about an hour and a...