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Dynam Peaks (Pitts w/ no License) Biplane

Let me first start off about the airplane and the condition it arrived in. I had zero problems with the quality of the foam used in the construction of this aircraft. There were no flaws or dings and dents either.

As for the build, it was pretty straight forward and took about an hour and a half to do. There are a lot of tedious little bits that need to be assembled like the bolts and nuts that hold the wings together. Along side of that, there is the need for everything to be loctited so that they don't back off. The prop needs to be balanced and you should remove the cowl and use plastic safe loctite on the motor screws. On this particular model, the clevises are normal and not the cheap quick connectors so you won't have to worry about them coming loose in the air.

Here is a video on the build:


As far as the flight, the maiden went well and I didn't use any expo. Only dual rates set up at 75-Low 100-High. The battery used for this airplane was an 1800mAh 4s 40c and seemed to be a little light. I did push the battery all of the way to the firewall and it needed some down trim to compensate. I would say that you could safely use all of the way up to a 2200mAh 4s and it would be fine. This thing floats like a dream. It can be landed into the wind completely motor off as well. The landing gear is carbon fiber and can take a beating too. The servos are alright and return and react fairly well. If you are just getting into the 3d world, it will be fine. Here is a link to a video that I did of the flight characteristics. I will post a couple more after that to give you a better look on how it flies.



Hope you enjoy!