RC Dynam RAF Tiger Moth - Details, Photos & Videos


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Hey Guys,

This is my first posting here, and while I won't be on a whole lot, I thought I would share some of my experiences flying the Dynam Tiger Moth with you all. I took it out for its maiden on Saturday, and I'll post the video soon.

DSC_0648 - Copy.JPG DSC_0647 - Copy.JPG DSC_0653 - Copy.JPG DSC_0656.JPG

(Details will be forthcoming)



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That looks very nice and well done for the maiden.

Of course what it really needs for true scale is a left handed prop!
For some reason when Frank Halford designed the Gipsy engine he elected for it to rotate the opposite way to convention but don't worry I have yet to see a RC Tiger with the correct rotation prop!