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Pumpkin drop event


  1. Grover54

    Carbon Z Cub - Wanted!

    My Carbon Z went to "Z" heaven a few weeks ago and I'd really like to replace it but as you Carbon "Z" pilots know it's been discontinued :( Regardless, I'd really like to find one so if anyone out the has one in good condition and you want to sell it please let me know. The only caveat is...
  2. Andre

    E-Flite Commander mPd 1.4m BNF Basic (EFL4850)

    https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/... http://www.greathobbies.com/productin... Honestly it followed me home. Just one more plane. I promise. Hi my name is André and I have an addiction. So, let me introduce the newest plane to the fleet. The Commander, the moment this plane was released it...
  3. C

    HELP!! | My E-Flite ESC Isn't working!

    I went to my local hobby store and came back and my motor at first wasn't running very good. it made a weird pulsing noise. then i tried it and it only rotates at ~600 rpm. (normally 20,000 rpm) I checked my battery and it was reading 11.7 V. So I'm not sure what is wrong with my E-Flite 30...
  4. tmack

    Pilot Error Rubber Band Strength

    I have had my share of busted props, bent landing gear, lost a horizontal stabilizer, but never a major wipe out. The fuselage stick on the Slow V was very weak and I had to replace that a couple times, but for my regular planes we were pretty uneventful in terms of crashing until recently...
  5. R

    Blunt Nose Versa With Stryker Electronics?

    Hi guys I recently ordered my first FT kit. A Versa with the Blunt Nose conversion. My question is can I use my motor and ESC from my F-27Q Stryker? For those unfamiliar with the Stryker the motor is a 480 size 2200 kv and the esc is a E-flite 60 amp Pro Series. I ran 3s 2200mah and 4s 2200mah...
  6. G

    UMX Whipit DLG

    I think that Flite Test should do a review on the new UMX Whipit DLG from E-flite. I am looking into getting a dlg, and when the Whipit came out, I was really excited because of how cheap it is. The low price would allow me to see if I want to get into dlg's so I don't spend too much money on a...
  7. T

    Am I getting reasonable range out of my DX5e??

    I am currently flying the e-flite Apprentice S15e RTF which comes with a DX5e. Within the last month or so I decided to convert it so I can fly FPV and that has been going great. I made a range test video (as seen below)... and according to my OSD flew a max distance of 868meters before getting...
  8. PiperCub49

    16" "Dead Simple" Flying Wing w/ VIDEO

    Hey guys, A few days ago, I saw Chrizz's post about a flying wing and thought that it would be a fast and fun build, so I pulled out the paper, pencil, ruler, and calculator and scaled the plans down by hand. It took about four to five hours of easy building. My brother and I are still...