E-Flite Commander mPd 1.4m BNF Basic (EFL4850)


Fly yes... land no.


Honestly it followed me home.
Just one more plane. I promise.
Hi my name is André and I have an addiction.

So, let me introduce the newest plane to the fleet.
The Commander, the moment this plane was released it shot to the top of my list.

Tail dragger, power, size and features.
Too me this is what the Pawnee should have been.
I did get the BNF model because I wanted to try the Safe Select feature.

No real issue building the plane. Just make sure to push the wing spar all the way through and if you use a plane stand maybe put down a towel to protect the fuselage.

Can’t wait to go flying.

IMG_4662.JPG IMG_4664.JPG IMG_4673.JPG IMG_4674.JPG IMG_4678.JPG IMG_4680.JPG IMG_4681.JPG IMG_4683.JPG IMG_4684.JPG


Keep this up Andre and we might have to do an intervention!! Finally someone weaker than I. Thank you Lord.


Fly yes... land no.
Not to bad

The first flight went ok, I need to figure out a few settings and adjust the battery position.

Video coming soon.

IMG_4773.jpg IMG_4776.jpg Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 10.29.08 AM.png Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 10.43.10 AM.png


Fly yes... land no.
Ah Safe Select vs AS3X

Now I get it.

I was confusing the tech.

Safe Select is a bit more restrictive and you can see me trying to get the plane to move around.

Once I turned that off AS3X was just there in the background.

20728270_10159217969125416_1061416744172637360_n.jpg 20728388_10159219062045416_1906539147237353479_n.jpg 20729728_10159218954430416_5303792828493614567_n.jpg 20748128_10159215851345416_1747749319786586120_o.jpg 20748160_10159215986255416_3458608345182006266_o.jpg 20767764_10159219061865416_6814894009622910896_n.jpg 20799180_10159218954335416_4571105743165429360_n.jpg