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  1. buzzbomb

    Plane Mini Scout Biplane 1.0

    I chose the Mini Scout to make a biplane from because it is super simple to build. The Mini Scout Biplane will fly as a 3ch or 4ch, but it's more rewarding as a 4ch. It can fly slow, or it can fly fast. It will even float in the wind. It can do loops and rolls and otherwise get crazy if you...
  2. K

    Shoe Box Fit

    I have only returned to this hobby for the last 2 years (childhood dream :-P ) and my only problem is I live in the city now. When i was a kid in the country it was easy to find fields of land, and you could go as big as you wanted. I don't have that anymore so I am craving a small stable...
  3. E

    Not CRAZY but simple trainer needs help

    Hey guys.. I built a little trainer to get my family and friends into the hobby. I have helped build several nutballs for people and I am getting complaints that they are too (floppy). So I threw this together. Triangle fuse 23" with 30" under camber dihedral wing. coupled with a Hobbyking Donky...
  4. A

    DIY Super Cheap Case! 5 Min Build!

    Super easy and cheap case for any transmitter.
  5. telegraham

    My son gets his arm back

    No more, "Mind holding the glue gun, Alex?" :-)
  6. D

    New Trainer Swappable

    I built a Versa Wing and decided that I wanted something slower and more stable for helping others get started in RC. I had flown balsa trainers when I learned to fly 30 yrs ago and thought that might be a good way to go. Here is my Versa Wing and power pod. I then downloaded a profile view...
  7. B

    May provide a little help to the ones that print plans!

    So i started in the scratch building and that is where I am comfortable at the moment because its affordable, and just all out fun. I use the Dollar Tree foam board and print plans from many sites on the internet but most of them have been from Flitetest. I enjoy sitting in the floor for hours...
  8. A

    Tricopter made in Austria

    Hi there! I just wanted to show you my first Tricopter i ever build. I got my inspiration from David, Flitetest and simplcopter. I just used swiveling arms for crash resistance as usual. Material for the deck is 4mm papule plywood. Arms are made from what i have got lying arround. Weight...
  9. A

    spoied for choice

    I am thinking of making a scratch build , i want to make a plane that i can throw at the back of my car go to a small field and fly just for fun , i got a 6 ch transmitter , i have to buy the motor though i can re use a 930kv motor i got on my Cessna , and i can fly up to a nut ball , but id...
  10. JimCR120

    Scratchbuilt Wing-

    Ok, after crashing the Funbat enough times that required more props than I now care to count (though the last crash was a selfless act of mercy to spare the untimely demise of a spankin' new P-40) and also having seen the Joshes flying the Swifts, the Sumo, and the Bonzai I have come to...