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Pumpkin drop event


  1. T

    STEM - Summer School Opportunity

    Hey All, I am transitioning from teaching history to being a full time STEm teacher next year. So far we are doing phone app and video game design, computer science, Windstorms EV3 robotics and an intro to STEM class. My admin has told me that the district is willing to pick up curriculum and...
  2. nickleyw

    Safety Third Racing Academy - FPV Racing Afterschool Program in NJ

    Hi everyone! Wanted to share something our team in NJ - Safety Third Racing - has been working on for the past few months. Would love to hear your questions, feedback, suggestions. Our team is very tech-oriented, "racing experts", and we could really use input from educators, administrators...
  3. M

    What's Up with the Podcasts?

    Like many others, I'm in the habit of listening to the podcasts on my way to work. I've noticed that they are coming less frequently lately, and I have been wondering if Chris is going to take over everything from now on (it has been almost a month since Austin, Josh, Peter, etc. have released...
  4. M


    STEM students in the upper elementary and middle school grades are in need of a trainer which can handle a high-wind environment. This plane/design, if developed, will become a stable of a STEM initiative beginning on Oahu which will teach science, tech, engineering, and math through aviation...
  5. M


    This is a request for a new design/plane that can be used in schools: I have a STEM initiative starting up soon which will focus on aviation and aerial robotics. RC airplanes provide a great way to introduce these topics, and will be one of the first units covered. Students and their parents...
  6. R

    Stabiliser Incidence / Decalage and C of G

    Hidden (?) in the Baby Blender v2 Build show is one of the few references in your content to tailplane/stabiliser incidence. Surely the relationship between incidence (decalage?) and CofG would be worth an in-depth explanation. My ignorance of this matter has caused me difficulties, with a...