1. Snarls

    Endurance Quadcopter Build-Off

    This is going to be a fun one. For once, I am not dealing with maximizing acrobatic performance, speed, or camera stability. No, this time it is just that: time. Flight time specifically. My friend challenged me to a build off. Who can get the longest flight time from two 18650b batteries...
  2. M

    Motor Suggestions for Endurance Solar Flight

    I am looking for an efficient motor for an aircraft around 15lbs that is capable of low wattage cruise speeds. My background is mostly in airframes and design so any advice for a motor, ESC, battery system would be huge! My aim is to design the airplane around the best motor I can find (focusing...
  3. K

    Endurance challenge

    Hello, I have always liked endurance . The basic idea is to have multiple planes circling and whoever stays the longest in the air wins!They are allowed to use extra power sources such as solar cells. Here are the rules: The aircrafts must be fully electric They must not have batteries of...