Motor Suggestions for Endurance Solar Flight


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I am looking for an efficient motor for an aircraft around 15lbs that is capable of low wattage cruise speeds. My background is mostly in airframes and design so any advice for a motor, ESC, battery system would be huge! My aim is to design the airplane around the best motor I can find (focusing on the elements I cannot easily adjust, ie. motor, battery, esc) so as to get the best efficiency out of the electronics and use solar panels on the wings to charge the batteries and sustain flight. This is a huge project and there are a team of us working on it, unfortunately we are all mechanical engineers and do not have an electrical engineer involved at the moment.

I have researched the AtlantikSolar plane and some others like it that have taken on this same feat but would like to know if there are newer motors or tests people have done with newer systems that are worth looking into. Thanks!

-Michael M.


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There is a dude called rctestflight that made a series of video on his own solar plane project
For good efficiency the norm seems to be low kv motor and high voltage power system but it will depend on the power you need and the power you can get, watch his videos you learn a lot.