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epp foam

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    Micro Twin EPP foamy

    Hey all, I have the electronics from a Dart lying around (Micro pack H (twin)) and I was wanting to put it into a small EPP foam plane. Does anyone know any EPP planes that would fit the 1106 motors and 4 gram servos? preferably a twin as I like them. Cheers for the help and suggestions
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    My New EPP Plane

    Ok all my Flite test fans I know how you all love free plans :) so here is my latest creation. First Look Video Flying Video Motor used Bluewonder 1300-1500KV Prop GWS 9050 Aileron Servo HXT-900 Elevator/ Rudder Servo HXT-500 ESC 10 amp brushless Battery 300-500mah 2 cell 7.4 volt...
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    Silk screening EPP Foam!

    Ok Group has anyone tried to SilkScreen EPP Foam? I was thinking for doing Names and logos a basic screen print would make stuff faster.. Please post in here.
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    New EPP yak54

    Ok here is the latest 6MM EPP Plane I just designed! you can also make it out of Depron. I will post a list of Electronics later that I recommend for this plane Ok the new correct PDF file is ready for Download!
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    A Few Of My Flying Videos.

    Hobby King Galaxy F3p Foam plane kit HobbyKing 3D - HobbyKing Tristania-EPP WMPARKFLYERS YAk55
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    The Slofly28 and Superslo28 Free Plans