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    Cheap and Easy 5 minute Bubble Canopy for your RC Plane

    My latest RC conversion project, a cheap foamie FMS Alpha jet It's still under construction, but I got bored while waiting for some parts to finish it so decided to try and make a bubble canopy for it. It worked! You may have to experiment a bit to get a good result, but you can find empty...
  2. TA Horizons

    37" Wicked Slick Pro EPP 3D By TA Horizons

    TA Horizons Turning One! -Anniversary Special.. Dear, Flying Community ! We are glad to share that with the love and support of you all TA Horizons has successfully completed its first year. We are grateful for your overwhelming response, towards this initiative in which we have poured our...
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    Micro Twin EPP foamy

    Hey all, I have the electronics from a Dart lying around (Micro pack H (twin)) and I was wanting to put it into a small EPP foam plane. Does anyone know any EPP planes that would fit the 1106 motors and 4 gram servos? preferably a twin as I like them. Cheers for the help and suggestions
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    My New EPP Plane

    Ok all my Flite test fans I know how you all love free plans :) so here is my latest creation. First Look Video Flying Video Motor used Bluewonder 1300-1500KV Prop GWS 9050 Aileron Servo HXT-900 Elevator/ Rudder Servo HXT-500 ESC 10 amp brushless Battery 300-500mah 2 cell 7.4 volt...
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    Silk screening EPP Foam!

    Ok Group has anyone tried to SilkScreen EPP Foam? I was thinking for doing Names and logos a basic screen print would make stuff faster.. Please post in here.
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    New EPP yak54

    Ok here is the latest 6MM EPP Plane I just designed! you can also make it out of Depron. I will post a list of Electronics later that I recommend for this plane Ok the new correct PDF file is ready for Download!
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    A Few Of My Flying Videos.

    Hobby King Galaxy F3p Foam plane kit HobbyKing 3D - HobbyKing Tristania-EPP WMPARKFLYERS YAk55
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    The Slofly28 and Superslo28 Free Plans