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A Few Of My Flying Videos.


Build threads coming soon! I too have a partnership with Hobbyking and a few Online Vendors so I will post some build threads and other stuff here. I just started a new Job so that is keeping me Busy but I am making some time for the RC stuff again! thanks for making me feel welcome.


Rotor Riot!
Andre, this guy is a bit of a legend. He's been working with 3D foam designs, for at least as long as I've been online.

I'm quite excited to have him joining us here.
Yup. He's really an awesome pilot, also great designs. I really like the art on the Yak55! Plus the flying capabilities!
Here is My Sloyak I designed this plane around a Slofly28 plane with a Yak body! (I made the wings bigger pushed them out to 30"") plane is built out of 9mm 1.3# epp foam and is still one of my favorite planes

Note this was the plane I learned how to do rolling circles on! If you watch any of my new videos I shot after this video I can do them so much better then I could when this was shot.
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Also on the yak video you still see me flying with a 500mah pack (my new battery of choice is a 350mah 25-30c lipo to save a little weight and get better performance!
Flying on the water with the Hobby King Swamp Dawg Airboat this was the test run in my Swimming pool! stay tuned for more video action coming soon!



Bought Another Trailer
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tallflyer, I ended up getting one of those EP 400's and it is a great flying little plane. I was concerned before getting it, because of how pitchy it is on most youtube videos. It's actually quite a docile flyer. And it lands like a dream.