Micro Twin EPP foamy


Hey all,
I have the electronics from a Dart lying around (Micro pack H (twin)) and I was wanting to put it into a small EPP foam plane. Does anyone know any EPP planes that would fit the 1106 motors and 4 gram servos? preferably a twin as I like them.
Cheers for the help and suggestions


I picked up a zohd dart 250g on bangood, planning to try and put my twin motors on the back of the vertical stabilizers. Though it might be easier then modifying a glider but thanks for the input, I appreciate it.


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I thought I posted this earlier but i guess it didn't stick...

Here is a build video of a chuck glider conversion. I generally use a pretty similar method on most of my builds.

This Hawkeye glider is smaller than most, smaller than I'd suggest using, at least for a first build. Even on the larger ones the space available for electronics is minimal. You have to pay pretty close attention to the layout to keep th CG correct as there isnt really enough room to slide the battery around to adjust it.

The dart is a good platform and should be easier to modify than a glider. The good gliders also cost around $25 anywhere I can find them so $45 for an airframe that doesn't require extensive modifications to accept electronics isnt bad at all.

Good luck!
Post some pics when you get her going!