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esc bec

  1. utnuc

    ESC brownout after gyro addition

    Hello FT community! Long time reader, first time poster. I just put together an FT Tiny Trainer with the recommended power pack A, and have had a blast flying it in a local park. It has been amazingly resilient to crashes. The park where I have been flying is located on a large hill that seems...
  2. A

    Tricopter ESC programming problem

    Hi all I am in the process of setting up a Tri-copter but have met with a small problem in programming the ESC's, I am using Turnigy AE-30 3amp BEC controllers coupled to 2830/14 motors, when I connected a receiver to the ESC and 3S lipo the ESC emitted a series of beeps and the motors spooled...
  3. ParkeFlyer

    What kind of havoc can a bad servo cause?

    I'm trying to diagnose a problem I came across the other night while assembling my new Clouds Fly. (Only my second plane, so I have limited knowledge) I was just about complete and then it seemed like the receiver and/or the ESC shutdown then restarted. It seemed weird but I ignored it and...