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esc calibration

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    Help With Swappable electronics. (ESC)

    Hello, I am new to scratch built R.C. I was building the Nutball and when I plug in the battery the motor beebs and twitches a little but after that it doesn't respond to throttle changes. The servos are working perfectly. I think it's the ESC but I don't know how to fix it. Is it a problem with...
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    Howdy Flite Test Forums!

    Hi all, I am excited to try to get my first quad build back from the dead...or maybe it was never alive in the first place. Either way, it should be fun being a part of the forums. Check out my blog post, I added some jokes...
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    Naze32 ESC Calibration Problem

    WARNING- !I am a NOOB! I have made a Quadcopter using DJI F450 Frame. I have 4 1000kv chinese Motors and 4 Chinese ESCs connected to a NAZE32 rev6a 10dof. Firstly all ESC got calibrated properly but after some time 1 of the ESC got dis-calibrated (Throttle starts late). Now this ESC does not...