esc calibration

  1. Uuill

    Solved motors work well in beta flight but when I use the TX the back right one is slower.

    Motors work well in beta flight but when I use the TX the back right one is slower. I've tried calibrating the escs in betaflight but it doesn't make the normal sounds I've heard that they make in YouTube videos.
  2. G

    Help! esc beeping constantly and doesn't stops

    I've been using RC vehicles for many years now and recently decided to build my own. I purchased an ESC recently when I received it today I tried to use it but it would not stop beeping and the beeping gets worse when you apply the throttle. I know it's not my battery as I've run the same...
  3. zahn_1

    Solved Quadcopter motors acting up- Tmotor pnp & spektrum

    So i just bought a PNP race quad not too long ago and a Spektrum SPM4650 receiver to pair it with and I'm having issues getting it up and running. When i plug the drone in to a battery, i get the first 3 beeps, but i do not get the following low and high beeps. I got an arm switch set up through...
  4. C

    Help With Swappable electronics. (ESC)

    Hello, I am new to scratch built R.C. I was building the Nutball and when I plug in the battery the motor beebs and twitches a little but after that it doesn't respond to throttle changes. The servos are working perfectly. I think it's the ESC but I don't know how to fix it. Is it a problem with...
  5. S

    Howdy Flite Test Forums!

    Hi all, I am excited to try to get my first quad build back from the dead...or maybe it was never alive in the first place. Either way, it should be fun being a part of the forums. Check out my blog post, I added some jokes...
  6. S

    Naze32 ESC Calibration Problem

    WARNING- !I am a NOOB! I have made a Quadcopter using DJI F450 Frame. I have 4 1000kv chinese Motors and 4 Chinese ESCs connected to a NAZE32 rev6a 10dof. Firstly all ESC got calibrated properly but after some time 1 of the ESC got dis-calibrated (Throttle starts late). Now this ESC does not...