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    FT Cruiser experience level

    Hey everyone, I recently got into the hobby of RC flying (by buying a Super Cub :P), and I have mastered it. Next week I am going to build a FT Flyer which I will then 'upgrade' to a FT Delta. I am planning to buy a PZ T-28 Trojan after that. However, I LOVE the FT Cruiser. It's just awesome. I...
  2. F

    Longshot 4 experience?

    Hi there! Does anyone have experience with the longshot 4 DLG? If so, please tell me what you think about it and how difficult it was to build it and to set it up. I have some experience with DLGs and Thermal/Slope soaring so I am an Intermediate pilot. Please post a reply telling me what you...
  3. X

    First buy at HK and i get the worst experience that i could have!

    So to start from the beginning. I'm new to this whole RC stuff, but i have followed FliteTest for a long time and read all possible threads on this forum and other sites about multirotors. So i finally started to write down a list of parts that i needed, so when i had the money i could buy it...