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FT Cruiser experience level

Hey everyone,
I recently got into the hobby of RC flying (by buying a Super Cub :p), and I have mastered it. Next week I am going to build a FT Flyer which I will then 'upgrade' to a FT Delta. I am planning to buy a PZ T-28 Trojan after that. However, I LOVE the FT Cruiser. It's just awesome. I was wondering: How much experience is required to fly (and build) the Cruiser? After how many planes can a beginner fly it? Can I fly it after I have mastered my Trojan?

Thanks in advance,
I haven't built a Cruiser yet, but I would say if you can get the T-28 and down in one piece, you'll be fine with the Cruiser. I do have a PZ Mosquito, which is a twin, and it's really no harder to fly than my T-28.

However, with the Cruiser air-frame only costing a few dollars, worst case you have to rebuild. I have found some of the best growth in the hobby flying planes that stretch my abilities a little.


Winter is coming
I would say the FT Cruiser is an advanced intermediate build. There's more soldering, and transmitter programming (if you want differential thrust) than other builds. It's also a pretty heavy build because of the dual motors, so flying it is a big more challenging because it is a big, heavy plane. I definitely suggest building the FT Flyer, and then maybe a FT Spitfire or Speedster first, before taking on the Cruiser.