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    Trying to "tame" a Vortex 150

    I'm moderately new to the hobby and recently bought a Vortex 150 from Flite Test. As usual, the order was quickly filled. Binding to a Spektrum DX6i was no problem, but the quad is almost too much for me to handle in the horizontal mode. With the ailerons and elevator I've dialed down the...
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    AXN Cloud Jet Rates, Expo, and Mix

    I have a Spektrum tx and rx and am looking for some guidance as to throw rates, expo, and mixing for the upcoming maiden flight of my AXN Cloud Jet. I have the aileron control rods in the horn slot closest to the wing (max throw) and the rudder and elevator control rods in the middle horn slot...
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    Are "expo" settings used with a quadrocopter?

    I'm in the process of building the electrohub spider quadrocopter and want to know if "expo" settings are used with this build. I've been flying airplanes now for 2 years and using expo but this is my first quad build. I did buy a Blade Nano to practice on but I didn't see anything in the...