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Trying to "tame" a Vortex 150

I'm moderately new to the hobby and recently bought a Vortex 150 from Flite Test. As usual, the order was quickly filled. Binding to a Spektrum DX6i was no problem, but the quad is almost too much for me to handle in the horizontal mode. With the ailerons and elevator I've dialed down the dual rate to 75% and increased the expo to 30. It seems to have helped but I need to "calm" the quad some more. I'm thinking about decreasing the aileron and elevator throws to see if that helps.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I would certainly appreciate any suggestions!

Many thanks,

Dave in TN,


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Yes as Sean says set that expo for Pitch and roll to 65-70% in the radio..if you set it in the FC it is closer to the 30% as it is weighted differently there. Just don't mix them both. Drama WILL ensue.

You can also dumb the rc rate down a bit as that effects the over all strength of the motions. Just be aware you can drop it low enough where it will be too slow to safely flip or roll completely so drop it a few points at a time if you try this.
Thank you for the good advice! I have a lot more control with the higher expo settings and have no problem with gentle turns. It's still fast as blazes which I'm getting used to. On a flat screen, the camera provides a really nice picture. Guess I'll have to upgrade the goggles next.

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I try to fill it with my spirit. There are few things in life that give that freedom and grace in such a non intrusive manor.
I really enjoy the Vortex 150. It is crazy fast compared to the Blade NanoQX FPV it replaced. Learning to fly in a field with nice, fluffy grass has been a savior. Definitely need to look into rates/expos taming for an easier learning curve. Flew today for the first time without crashing, so I have that going for me.


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Cool Nugget. Its such a great feeling when you do that. Even now coming up on 2 and a half years flying quads anything I do a flight without crashing I get all excited. Granted at this point I get all excited when I crash as with time come speed and the crashes get more and more spectacular hehe. Spent 40+ minutes looking for my action cam yesterday out in the alfalfa field after a crash and the velcro strap was cut and sent the camera off on its own excursion. That gets you excited.. not so much in a good way but excited none the less.


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It's better practice to set expo and rates on the FC for multirotors. Id recommend not taming it, crashing three times per pack is normal and expected! Vortex should take the punishment no problem


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Only twice? I made a 14 + minute video today on one pack alone because I crashed so many times. Man was it a bad hand / wind coordination day. :mad:
The housing that holds the lens focusing threads is cracked now. Every time I crash it goes crazy out of focus. I took the camera off and refocused it and used a zip tie around the housing to keep it tight. Hopefully I wont have to take the camera off to refocus after every crash.


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Hot glue it as well. it will keep it in place for the most part and you can easily remove it with alcohol to redo it. It will act as a shock absorber as well as a grip to keep it where it needs to be.


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So what are the best rates and expo for someone using this machine? Looking for both High and low

Quads do not use dual rates like traditional fixed wing mate. Its more like a modified expo using parameters in the software called "Rates" There are two parts to the "Rates" one sets how hard the controls will act and the other smooths the transition along the sticks out. This allows you to custom make a "Curve" like when setting up a collective pitch helicopter.

When you set up a quad to fly you tell the flight controller where neutral or "Level" will be in regards to control inputs. It keeps the quad where you put it using a ton of math and some seriously fast electrons basically. No trims are used other then internal ones to do initial set ups in flight like fixed wing and no rates are changed in flight either as that would all change how and where the flight controller basis its actions.

Here is a screen shot for the rates I fly on all my quads now no matter what size they are. This gives very fine movements on the center 1/3 or the stick range which is where a lot of your flying will be done but will give you 1000 degree per second rotation at full deflection.

Pay no attention to the PIDS as that will be different for every quad. These rates transfer between any of the *flights as well as over to KISS they are just named different but do the same thing. Notice the graph on the right hand side that shows the "Curves" these rate settings produce.

Tight tune.jpg
Thank you again sir. I just want it to be docile while I learn and get the hang of this. Thanks for all your help. Waiting on a few more parts for my Taranis and then I will be putting the Vortex 150(soldering pins to the receiver) together and get her flying.


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If you look in the bottom section for the Horizon mode changes I have made that makes auto level VERY docile with really smooth transitions that won't fight you like standard set up auto level mode. Dont bother using angle mode as that is brutal to fly on you spend all your effort fighting the controller just to make it move. Then when you over correct after fighting so hard to get movement it snaps back to level only to start the entire process again.

Watch the smooth autolevel changes on my Gremlin using these settings. That screen shot is what this flight was done with.