1. Test Fly RC

    The Flite Test Master Series F-16 Viper, is released!

    The FT Master Series F-16, is finally Here! FT F-16 SBK
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  3. dehager

    Part Missile Launcher Rail for Ben Harber's 1:13 Scale F-16 or Similar Jets v01

    I created a set of LAU-129 missile launcher rails for the F-16. Similar to the style Freewing uses for their jets but this incorporates a keyhole mount based on a 4-40 (3mm) bolt. It allows for adjusting the tension and mounting just about anything you want with just two bolts. To install the...
  4. L Edge

    Evaluating a Wounded 70mm 5 blade EDF with Thrust Vectoring

    Went to a club meeting and was presented a damaged (6 time thrown) F-16 that was in bad shape. Owner was disgusted and gave it to me for not having any luck in getting it in the air at all. Didn't want anything to do with it and knew I have been using TV for a number of years, so he suggested...
  5. M

    Teaser...F-16 3D Profile Foamie

    I've been working on the design of a foamie F-16 off and on for over a year. I have built 4 prototypes so far. The first one was weak in the nose so I didn't pursue that design further. The second I built was very strong but got borked in the shipping container when I was moving. The third...